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Denver’s Homeopathic and Alternative Medical Clinic

Looking for the ideal alternative medical clinic?

Healing Unleashed offers a unique combination of healing options that you will not find anywhere else. Our carefully selected alternative and holistic medicine approaches can help you heal your body, mind and spirit.

A message from our medical director:

“Healing Unleashed is the long-held vision I have had about how medicine should be practiced. As a medical doctor, my highest calling is to help people achieve good health with holistic, safe and effective medicine in a loving, caring supportive environment.”

-Wanda J. Bedinghaus, MD

Ready for effective alternative medicine?

  • Our healing approach helps hundreds of children and adults gain better health every year.
  • Helping your family become healthier is our whole purpose.

Our alternative medical services can put you on a path to truly better health.

  • homeopathy
  • functional medicine
  • bodywork and medical massage
  • neurofeedback

A healthier America begins with YOU!

You CAN improve your health with safe, effective natural medicine. We will partner with you in meeting YOUR goals for greater health and vitality.

Our doctors are available for your questions.
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Our Mission

Healing Unleashed aims to be the beacon of wellness for the greater Denver community by offering holistic, natural therapies that support the innate healing process and help free people from mental, emotional and physical limitations.