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Why Choose a Functional Medicine Doctor

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Healing Unleashed offers scientific healing options that stimulate and support your innate healing ability. Our Mind-Body medical options include Functional Medicine, Neurofeedback, and Manual Therapy.

Our holistic medical approach is based on the latest science and laboratory findings. In order to help you improve your health, we search for the root causes of disease. You are an unique individual and your healing needs are also unique to you.

We help you make lifestyle changes, especially healthy nutritional choices, that can turn you from illness to greater health and vitality.

Our primary goal: To help you heal without using pharmaceuticals that suppress symptoms without restoring health.

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A Message from our Medical Director:

“As a medical doctor, my highest calling is to help people achieve good health with holistic, effective medical treatment in a caring and supportive environment.”

-Wanda J. Bedinghaus, MD, IFMCP

The Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner

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