Brain Health

When brain health improves, you gain more control over habits, choices and discipline. You gain the ability to stick with and follow through on your good intentions. At Healing Unleashed, we have a holistic program to support both the brain and metabolic health.

Common Causes For Brain Health Issues

Look at the goals you have for yourself with respect to relationships, work, money, and health. What’s holding you back? Oftentimes, feeling unmotivated or neurotic is viewed as a personality trait, rather than something that can be changed. The one hundred billion nerve cells of your brain will function better or worse given lifestyle habits related to:
  • ​Stress
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Caffeine
  • ​Head Injuries
  • ​Prescription Drugs
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Obesity
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Negative Thinking

The Functional Medicine Approach

The Functional Medicine approach to healing cognitive decline is also a “whole body” approach to therapy.

This means we look at all the systems in the body to see how they are impacting your brain, including your gut and hormone balance, as well as deficiencies in key nutrients

We also look at your toxic load and analyze how your environment might be impacting your brain. We see this often with our patients who have brain health issues due to  toxic mold exposure, heavy metal poisoning, or dealing with high levels of  inflammation due to gut imbalances.

We also test to see if you have undiagnosed food allergies that can cause gut issues as well as brain fog, anxiety, and insomnia.

Through advanced medical research we’ve recently discovered that nutrition plays a huge part in the health of your brain. Unfortunately, nutrition is not a current part of your standard medical school training, but it is a primary focus in functional medicine training. 

We’ve also discovered that deficiencies in key brain nutrients could be to blame for many cognitive issues – which we correct with high-quality, medical grade supplementation and a functional nutrition diet.

Only with a deep understanding of the complex interplay between the gut, inflammation, hormonal health and other factors, can a functional medicine-trained practitioner assess the true causes of cognitive decline.

This protocol is wonderful for your brain, but also benefits your entire body, as we look at your whole system and help you to make the needed changes to get your health back on track.

Brain circuitry can be improved and re-directed with therapies like neurofeedback (brain wave training). Brain physiology can be improved by better nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Brain science is bringing forth more evidence that a chemical approach (prescription drugs) to managing the symptoms of disease is not the best choice unless other approaches have failed.

The earlier cognitive impairments are diagnosed, the sooner you can start addressing them – so feel free to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to see what the best next steps are for you.

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