Chronic Illness

Our society is experiencing a sharp increase in the number of people who suffer from complex, chronic diseases.

Understanding Chronic Illnesses

These diseases are related to:

  • Ongoing increase in environmental toxins
  • Genetic modification of foods
  • Nutrient-poor diets
  • Both parents working longer hours
  • Financial stress with cost of homes, medicine, education rising
  • Desk-bound, stationary work & occupations, with hardly any healthy excercise & movement

The system of medicine practiced by most physicians today is oriented toward reducing symptoms with prescription drugs. This type of medicine lacks the proper methodology and tools for prevention of complex, chronic illness.

Most physicians are not adequately trained to assess the underlying causes of chronic disease. The approach of Functional Medicine is:

  • Find the root causes of diseases
  • Work with patients to achieve lifestyle changes that prevent and help heal chronic illnesses

Some examples of chronic conditions we treat

  • Gastrointestinal
    • Inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease)
    • Irritable bowel syndrome
    • Small intestinal bowel overgrowth (SIBO)
    • Chronic constipation/diarrhea
    • Food sensitivities
    • Acid reflux (GERD)
  • Autoimmune Conditions
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
    • Other autoimmune conditions
  • Hormonal Imbalances
    • Thyroid
    • Adrenal
    • Men and women’s hormonal imbalances
  • Neurological/Mental Conditions
    • Anxiety/panic attacks
    • Depression
    • ADHD (children and adults)
    • Traumatic brain injury
  • Lifestyle Issues
    • Sleep
    • Excess stress
    • Nutritional
    • Movement/exercise
  • Cardiovascular/Metabolic
    • Hypertension
    • Cholesterol and lipid imbalances
    • Obesity/Insulin resistance
  • Musculoskeletal
    • Joint pain
    • Chronic muscle spasm
    • Soft tissue inflammation
    • Loss of range of motion

At Healing Unleashed, our clinical team is aware of the most advanced natural methods to diagnose and treat illnesses through an in-depth program and get your body back on track.

Following advanced lab tests and a detailed discussion of your symptoms and history, our team can map out an effective treatment plan that we will execute together with plenty of support and guidance.

If you have been experiencing symptoms that may be connected with the above and are looking for answers, schedule a discovery call with us today!

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