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Meditation with Dr B

How much sugar do you consume? The average American consumes about 152 pounds in one year!! That’s equal to 3 pounds (6 cups) per week. Can you imagine what that much sugar is doing to your brain and the rest of your body?

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Is Anxiety Causing Your Panic?

We live in a fast pace, chaotic world. We are over stimulated and sleep deprived. We aren’t eating whole, nutritious foods, or taking time for rest and relaxation. Eventually, the brain just starts into over drive, with an increase in fast brain waves (beta waves) that make you feel fearful and panicked. Your adrenal gland

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You Really are Unique: Mind, Body, and Spirit

Principles are fundamental truths upon which a system of belief operates. Principles are not just guessing, but are based on reproducible guidelines. Functional Medicine is guided by six core principles: Biochemical Individuality: Each human being is unique at every level of being and that includes physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually Patient-centered rather than a disease-centered

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You’re Not Alone

Somewhere on your road to success, you’ll begin to understand that you are really never alone. There are amazing sources of strength and help everywhere you look—you just have to use them. You’ll have to look to find them and then know how to use them, but it beats the heck out of not having

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