Craniosacral Therapy

There is a sound, research-based, scientific basis for all the techniques within Craniosacral Therapy.

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and very effective hands-on method of improving health and function.

The therapists use scientific knowledge and reasoning in their practice along with intuition, insight, and patient dialogue. Craniosacral therapy is gentlebecause practitioners are working with the cerebrospinal fluids, the dural membranes, the fascia, the bones, and the nerves that support your brain and body.

Experience dynamic Healing Treatment for both Pain and Functional Disorders of the Body

Practitioners release restrictions in the craniosacral system, which has been shown to improve the functioning of the central nervous system, as well as many other systems ofthe body, such as digestive, musculoskeletal, respiratory, circulatory, and lymphatic. Craniosacral therapy was developed by Dr John E. Upledger, DO, OMM. Joan Sloss has trained for 5 years in the high-quality standards of the certification curriculum taughtby instructors from the Upledger Institute International. She brings 30-years of training and clinical practice in manual therapies into her sessions with you.
Craniosacral Therapy is the treatment of choice for:​

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Jaw and Bite problems
  • Post-concussion and head injuries
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Chronic fatigue and Depletion
  • Poor Sleep
  • Ringing in the Ear
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of hearing
  • Loss of visual acuity
  • Chronic musculoskeletal pain that has not responded to other therapies

Craniosacral Therapy for Children Age 5 and Older

  • Autism and ADHD
  • Behavior Problems including Hyperactivity
  • Problems with Learning and Memory
  • Sleep Problems
  • Anxiety

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