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Medical Massage for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be especially debilitating, because so many of our daily work and home activities require a wide range of arm and shoulder movement. If you have shoulder pain, we’ll first evaluate you for signs of joint instability. If you have ligament damage or other structural problems that destabilize any component of your joints,

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The Role of the Sacral Bone in Low Back Pain

When you tell us you have pain in your low back, hip, buttocks, or leg, the first thing we do is examine the position of your sacral bone. Why? If this bone is not properly positioned, the mechanics of your lumbar spine and hip are adversely affected. The sacrum is a large, triangular bone at

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Do You Want to Recover from Knee Pain?

Knee pain can be scary and can greatly limit your activity. Many people assume that joint pain problems require surgical intervention, but this often isn’t the case. Problems like runner’s knee and patella chondromalacia can be easily healed with orthopedic massage and manual therapy. It’s a good idea to consult with an orthopedic medical doctor

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Are You Missing the Early Signs of Chronic Muscle Pain?

Muscles enable us to move. You wouldn’t blink an eye, smile or chew without muscles. Healthy muscles are strong. Strong muscles keep us active and able to accomplish life’s tasks. When muscles are in trouble long-term, joint problems will develop. There are many signs that muscles are in trouble. You may notice pain, especially when

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Most People Have Adaptive Muscle Shortening-Do You?

When a muscle is forced to remain in a shortened position for a long period of time it becomes chronically shortened…and that leads to pain. Poor posture is the most common cause of adaptive muscle shortening (AMS). When you slump your head and shoulders forward day after day, you are heading straight for pain.Whether it’s

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