Yes, We Cure Headaches

The “simple” headache is not so simple. There are many different kinds of headaches. Most people have multiple causes for their headaches. Common causes include:

  • ​Stress and anxiety or depression
  • ​Posture problems affecting head, neck, shoulders, upper back
  • ​Muscle spasm
  • ​Problems with the fascia of the neck or shoulder girdle
  • ​Problems with cranial nerves
  • ​Problems with peripheral nerves of head/neck/shoulder area
  • ​Lack of proper exercise
  • ​Dysfunctional breathing
  • ​Problems with the Tension Membrane System of the cranium
  • ​Problems with the position or motility of the cranial bones
  • ​Poor vascular circulation to the head
  • ​Poor circulation of the craniosacral fluid of the head
  • ​Brain wave dysfunction
  • ​Problems with nutrition

The number one reason that we help so many headache sufferers at Healing Unleashed is that we address all the possible causes of headaches. The number two reason is that Dr Joan is well-trained and experienced in Craniosacral therapy. CST is a major tool for curing headaches.

Let’s consider migraine headaches. Almost all migraine headaches include a problem with delivery and circulation of blood to the brain (vascular problems). Manual therapies are very effective in improving the flow of blood to the head. Most headache sufferers experience a reduction in the number and severity of headaches within just 2 treatments. Many people become headache free or almost headache free after a short course of craniosacral therapy.

If you have persistent migraine headaches, we will recommend a brain scan. We do QEEG evaluations in our office. These evals show us brainwave function. Problems with brainwave function often cause headaches. Patients with persistent migraines usually need both craniosacral therapy (for the physical part of the head), and neural therapy for the electrical functions of the brain.

Headaches caused by stress/anxiety or lack of upper body exercise are surprisingly easy to heal. You’ll receive a combination of therapeutic massage and stress education. We will teach you quick and easy therapeutic exercises that prevent headaches. We’ll coach you to make healthy changes to your lifestyle behaviors including sleep and diet. As headaches are more common in desk workers, we will help you improve sitting posture at work and guide you on setting up an ergonomic work area.

Do you have headaches that began after a car accident or injury? We often eliminate these headaches, even when they have occurred for many years. Whiplash and other head, neck, and shoulder injuries often cause spasms in the deeper muscles, and we use safe and careful techniques to heal the deeper tissues. Manual therapy to the head, neck, and shoulders is very effective.

When headaches are caused by allergies, hormonal dysfunction, or other physiological problems, you may want to work with our Functional Medicine doctor, Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus.


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