Will Functional Medicine Work For Me?

Struggling with your health can put a damper on anyone’s life!

And the sad truth is, our traditional medicine system falls short when really helping people, especially those with chronic illness.

This video will share why functional medicine is a smart approach and why it works for everyone.

While conventional medicine is great when it comes to acute care, for example if you break your leg or have an accident or get seriously ill with an infection.   But it can also fall short when it comes to everyday care and treating chronic illness. 

Well, there is a reason for that! 

For one, conventionally trained doctors simply are NOT trained to treat chronic illness or deal with many of the factors that cause it, like diet and environment.  Instead, they are trained to match a symptom to a medication instead of getting to the root cause of that illness.  It’s almost “cookbook” style medicine, and that simply is not the best approach.  You are unique in every way, and your health cannot be managed like everyone else.

This is where functional medicine can help. This wonderful, simple, and logical approach can help unravel why you are dealing with your symptoms or just help you protect and restore certain aspects of your health. Another way to look at is this:  in Functional Medicine we seek to remove the things that are causing harm and restore balance and homeostasis to your life…without the use of potentially harmful drugs. 

The reason it works for everyone is because it’s personalized and individualistic medicine. Not only to help you deal with many of the things that create chronic illness like diet and environmental factors, but we also do more in-depth testing to see where you need the help the most. And it’s not a cookie-cutter approach like you’ll find in traditional medicine. Once we have more specific health statistics, we can create a personalized diet plan, supplementation plan that treats your deficiencies and more to help you get help where you need it the most!

Functional Medicine works for you and everyone who is open to this holistic approach to life.

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