Why Your Probiotic May Be Causing You More Harm Than Good

Are probiotics the next “wonder pill” when it comes to treating intestinal issues?

Don’t be so fast to take them until you watch this video!

I’ll share why they can be very helpful in some cases and even harmful in others…

Hi, I’m Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus, functional medicine doctor

When it comes to treating GI issues, a lot of people are looking for well-meaning ways to conquer their GI symptoms. But so often they aren’t aware of the true, current state of their gut health which really depends on the balance of their gut bugs or microbiome.

In fact, if they have an undiagnosed gut infection, taking some probiotic strains can make it worse!


Do you know that some gut infections like SIBO can get worse because the good gut bacteria are in the small intestines where it shouldn’t be causing bloating and discomfort? Answer “Yes” or “No” and feel free to place your questions in the comment box below.

Apart from conditionals like SIBO, investing money in your standard drugstore probiotics can be a waste since many of those brands contain dead cultures that don’t have a long shelf life. Medical grade probiotics, on the other hand, have been tested and will actually put the expiration date on the product.  They guarantee the bacteria are still potent until this expiration date. This is important because you don’t want to be taking a product that has “dead” bugs.

This is why it’s best to work with a practitioner who can advise you about the best practices for using probiotics and also help you unravel GI symptoms through proper testing.

While including probiotic supplements for your gut can be smart, enjoying naturally fermented foods where the cultures are live is a smart idea too. These foods are rich in probiotic bacteria and increase your gut microbiome, improve your digestion system, and also support your immune system. 

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