Why Is My Kid Sick All The Time?

Dealing with chronically sick kids can make life tough for the entire family. And it can feel frustrating dealing with constant tummy aches and earaches and more regularly. 

So in this video, I’ll share why your child may be getting sick all the time and what to do about it. 

Conventional pediatrics approaches chronic illness by only treating symptoms and not looking at the root cause. And this is why kids can have recurring issues that seem never-ending. 

The causes of these frequent illnesses include diet. What is the child eating that may be causing gut problems? Could it be ingredients like  dairy and gluten? Or is it  too much sugar that’s inflaming the gut and causing symptoms all over their body? 

Food sensitivities are often overlooked by the traditional pediatrician and other root causes can come from an impaired immune system. Even harsh chemicals in the environment can disturb the child’s immune process and also poor sleep can lead to chronic illness in our children. 

Children need adequate sleep, good exercise, and to live in a non-stressful household. And don’t forget the stress many children have in school, especially if they’re being bullied or having trouble learning. 

And no matter what anyone tells you, it
isn’t normal for your child to be getting sick all the time. 

So start with giving your child a healthy breakfast. Ensure an early bedtime so they can get restful sleep. And please buy organic foods as much as possible and avoid too many processed foods. Foods that come in a box are often filled with non-food chemicals and may be harming your child’s gut and immune system. 

Your child is meant to be healthy and that’s our goal at Healing Unleashed.

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