What We Believe Impacts Our Lives

Our family and the social/cultural environment in which we grew up have impacted all of us. Lots of beliefs were instilled in our young minds that we tend to carry for many years into our adulthood. Some examples are:

  • Heart disease runs in our family
  • All of the children in our family struggled in school
  • You aren’t smart enough to excel in school
  • People who don’t look like me should be feared.

When we latched onto to these beliefs at an early age, they inform the rest of our lives until we began to examine these thought systems and ask the question: Is this really true?

Toxic beliefs create toxic outcomes. Our beliefs cause our emotions.

Learn to reframe these toxic/negative beliefs. I think we all recognize when a toxic, erroneous belief is trying to manifest in our lives. How do you know? It makes you feel bad, sick, anxious, depressed.

Ask yourself: what is the source of this belief? Where did it come from? From my family? From my culture?

How can you begin to re-interpret the negative events?

By focusing on the truth. And this gives you the opportunity to go within and discover what is really true. You may have to have an internal battle with your negative self, but the truth will eventually win out if you stay focused and committed to changing your mind.

We can change our mind, our thoughts, our beliefs and bring our inner spiritual being into harmony with nature. Order is the template of the universe. Wholeness is the truth of our being.

Change your outlook on life and begin to see the world as a good place. See yourself as a whole being. Express gratitude for the wondrous ways your body functions to maintain order and harmony in your cells.

As you do this, your pre frontal cortex will express empathy and compassion because you are re-wiring your brain’s networks.

If you are suffering from a dis-ordered physiology, don’t focus on it. Dis-ease doesn’t define you. Don’t become the disease. The more you focus on the name of the condition, the bigger it becomes.

Life is dynamic so you need to cultivate a flexible mindset.

A good thing to remember: The glass isn’t half empty or half full, it’s overflowing.

As you train your brain to see the good, the positive everywhere, your brain will keep looking for the good.


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