What Is The Microbiome?

Think you are human?? Guess again! There are 200-times more outside organisms compared to human cells in your body! Interestingly, 90% of chronic illnesses can be linked to some imbalance in the gut, yet most conventional doctors rarely start their investigation there!

Have you ever wondered why some people have CRAZY good metabolism while others have to “watch what they eat” and gain weight quickly? 

Most of it has to do with:

#1 The overall health of their microbiome – including how diverse the helpful bacteria strains in their gut are. This is one of the top reasons for good digestion, the ability to utilize nutrients correctly, and properly metabolize food 🐞🐜🐛

#2 Lack of harmful bacteria in their guts (like overactive yeast strains such as candida, fungi, or parasites) or leaky intestinal tissues, and lack of ‘slow metabolizing” gut bugs.

Wondering how your gut bugs stack up? 🤓💩🔬 Time to put your poop in the mail and get it analyzed!! 📫💩💌 

There are several lab tests we use to analyze our patients’ digestive health – so we can craft the appropriate game plan to address any imbalances, and you’ll find more info in this article…

Some patients need “cleansing” therapies to clean out their “gut bug jungle”, getting rid of some of the strains that promote illness, cause you to gain weight unnecessarily, or create unwanted bloating.

I am curious to learn, have you had any lab tests done on your 💩poop?

Let me know!

Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus, MD, IFMCP
Healing Unleashed

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