What Do You Really Believe?

Beliefs are what we tell ourselves about the nature of life and everything in life. Beliefs are our assumed truths. Beliefs are our assumptions and perceptions, but often are not actually true. That’s disturbing isn’t it?  Beliefs and reality are not necessarily the same.  That’s why it is so important to choose to be aware of what you truly believe, and not just mimic the attitudes of others around you.

Beliefs are our ideas about life that are actually seeded in our consciousness from a very early age and will bear the fruits of that idea throughout our life…unless and until they are challenged, i.e. not bearing the fruits that we expect.  Our beliefs are either empowering or limiting, and for most of us they are limiting because we have only a glimmer of understanding about the ultimate nature of pure reality.

Deepak Chopra had an interesting comment on beliefs:  “beliefs are a cover-up for insecurity.”  Or you might say we use our beliefs as a defense against a greater reality, especially our own true nature.

Our core beliefs can be analyzed and changed as we grow in consciousness. We need to question all our beliefs – about God, humanity as a whole, our relationships, the work we think we should be doing…everything in our life is based on a belief we hold in consciousness. The ultimate truth doesn’t change, but our beliefs do change over time, based on our experiences of life.

Do your beliefs serve you well?  It is a known fact that our beliefs have a profound effect on our body.  If you believe you are doomed to suffer the same conditions of your parents, you will more than likely experience them.  Are your beliefs based on immutable fact, or are they just what you have heard from others, especially your family.

The second paragraph of the US Declaration of Independence reads:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Holding to a truth is a strong belief and conviction in the validity of that truth.  Our country was founded on the strong beliefs of our leaders, and even though, we, as a people, have not always held to these beliefs, nonetheless, they have and will continue to inform the unfolding experiences of our people.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, in his book, “The Biology of Belief” says our beliefs control our biology. Dr. Lipton speaks of how our cells respond to the thoughts we hold, thoughts that come deep from our subconscious mind where we have been programed with certain cultural beliefs.  To just think and speak positive thoughts is not enough; we need to explore the subconscious mind and bring light to erroneous truths that continually inform our life experience.

Dr. Larry Dossey, in his first book, “Space, Time & Medicine” (pgs. 3-6) tells about a patient who was admitted to the hospital, a man who was dying and after all the known medical tests were completed, there was no obvious cause for his failing life.  Finally, the story was revealed that a shaman who had been hired by an enemy of the man had taken a lock of the man’s hair and put a hex on him…a hex that foretold his imminent death.  When the doctor told the man he was dying and he didn’t know why, he responded, “That’s all right, doctor.  I know I am dying…I’ve been hexed.”

The man took the pronouncement as truth and stopped eating.  He lost 50 pounds and went to the hospital to die.  He never questioned the reality of this hex.  In an extraordinary act of faith and courage, the young doctor who was his attending, decided to do his own shamanic work.  He took the man in a wheel chair to a private room, clipped a lock of his hair and from a flame of fire he had prepared he placed the lock of hair into the flame as he firmly and boldly stated, “as the fire burns your hair, the hex in your body is destroyed, but if you reveal this ceremony to anyone the hex will return immediately.”

The following morning, the old dying man ordered three breakfasts and ate voraciously.  He continued the same with each meal until he had regained some weight and was discharged from the hospital.

This is one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard, and I share it with you so you can begin to understand the power of beliefs on your mind and body – beliefs so powerful that they can determine life or death.

1.    What do you belief about the nature of life?  How do these beliefs determine your experiences of life?
2.    Can you identify beliefs that may not even reflect truth?  Can you begin to name them?
3.    When you are faced with a challenge, be in your bodily function, your thoughts or emotion, your relationships, your financial situations, stop and investigate what is the core belief that you are operating from?  Where did this belief come from?  How has this belief affected your life?
4.    After carefully analyzing the belief, can you see the necessity to begin to release it and choose a belief that is alignment with the true nature of life?
5.    Consider writing your own “credo” (a document of what you believe) about the following:
a.    The nature of life
b.    The nature of God
c.    The nature of the human body
d.    Why do people get sick
e.    What is the nature of healing
And then add your own ideas and the beliefs you have held so dearly.  Ask yourself, “is this really true?”  “Do I believe this with every fiber of my being?”
If you discover you can no longer hold to these beliefs as “self-evident”, do you have the courage to let them go and choose beliefs that serve your life expression?  Beliefs are not real if they do not support life, peace, happiness, love, joy and your creative expression.

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