The #1 Food To Remove From Your Diet TODAY For Better Gut Health


Tired of being bloated and gassy all the time and dealing with miserable GI symptoms that your doctor can’t explain?

In this video I’ll share the #1 food to remove from your diet and how it can often be connected to gut wrenching GI symptoms.

Hi, I’m  Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus, functional medicine doctor. 

Dealing with annoying GI symptoms can make you feel that no matter what you eat is going to “set you off” but what most people are missing is that there is one food that you can find in almost any restaurant meal, most packaged foods and even in so called “healthy” packaged foods that can be literally wrecking your GI health.

Question:  Do you know that gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, can cause massive amounts of inflammation in your gut? For many people it even causes conditions like Leaky Gut– the gateway to autoimmune illnesses? Answer “Yes” or “No” and feel free to place your questions in the comment box below.

This may seem surprising, but gluten really can be that harmful!

When it comes to gut health, most people know little to nothing about the intricacies of how their digestive and gut microbiome work. In part this is because the education isn’t there – plus we have a lot of new scientific information about the gut microbiome and how bacteria is really responsible for our gut balance. Most traditionally trained doctors haven’t had the same education functional medicine doctors have so they are often dismissive of patients who want more detail about their health.

This is how gluten can be so damaging and for many reasons. For one the wheat that most people are eating in high qualities in bread, crackers and cereal isn’t the wheat we ate even 50 years ago -it’s been so modified that now it’s just highly inflammable to your immune system and it doesn’t have much nutrition.

Wheat crops in this country are also sprayed with high levels of glyphosate which wipes out our protective gut bugs. On top of that 1-10 people have an undiagnosed sensitivity to gluten which does not come up on your standard blood tests and GI scopes that GI specialists are frequently doing (hence the mystery GI symptoms). 

What’s more, gluten contains a protein called “zonulin” that can cause the lining of your intestines to become more permeable than they should (Leaky Gut).

And let’s face it, wheat is in soooo many of our foods, even in things like sauces and broth because it’s used as a cheap thickener.

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