Symptoms: Your Body’s “Check Engine” Light

Have you not been feeling yourself lately? Don’t ignore symptoms like brain fog, gut problems, and poor sleep. No matter what anyone tells you, these symptoms are not normal. In fact, they are your body’s check engine light, so don’t ignore them.

When people start to feel rundown, they usually start to make justifications in their minds, which explain why they feel this way. They may say things like, “Oh, I’m just stressed” or it’s because I’m getting older”, or “even my parents were like this at this age”. 

Now while all of these factors will play a small role in your energy levels over time, when you are feeling tired regularly and dealing with annoying symptoms, like brain fog, or joint pain, or abdominal bloating, and unexplained weight gain, you can be sure that these are warning signs of deeper imbalances. 

The signs that trouble is brewing can be more subtle, unlike sudden acute illnesses like a serious viral infection. Chronic illness can creep upon us. These kinds of symptoms are what I call your “check engine light” alerting you that something is going on and can be symptoms of so many different imbalances from hormonal issues including insulin, your stress hormones, and sex hormones, food intolerances, toxic overload, and even compromised liver health just to name a few. 

While most conventionally trained doctors may find it difficult to link the symptoms to the root cause. We use our clinical experience of treating chronic illness along with more in-depth medical testing. 

To understand why your check engine light is on in the first place. When these check engine lights flash on, consider them to be the body is trying to alert you to pay attention and find help and functional medicine is one of the best ways to help you find the causes and get your engine working smoothly again.

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