Is it Leaky Gut?

I think all of us can understand when something is leaking and it shouldn’t be. Leaky gut is also called increased intestinal permeability.

Our intestinal system is supposed to absorb nutrients from the foods we eat. If we are consuming foods that are inflammatory, they can cause a break in the normal defense of the cells lining the intestinal mucosa. What keeps these cells together are called “tight junctions”, designed to keep foreign agents like environment toxins and infectious agents from entering our blood system. These tight junctions act like “glue” to keep these junctions from coming apart. It’s like having holes in your garden hose…water leaks out.

What are the consequences of a leaky gut?

  • Development of food allergies and sensitivities
  • Malabsorption of vital nutrients
  • Large molecules get through and the immune system is activated
  • Cause of many autoimmune diseases
  • Affects the entire biological systems

The health of your gut is the key to your overall health. That’s why we focus so much in functional medicine on your diet, health phytonutrient dense nutritious food.

  • Food is medicine
  • Food is information
  • Food is healing
  • Food is connection

Let’s tighten up those leaky junctions with real, whole, non-processed, organic, non-GMO foods. Eat the rainbow!!


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