Gut Playing With Mind

Feel like you can’t deal with what you have on your plate?

It may not be just your “run of the mill” stress… it could be “biological stress” – meaning that your gut is wrecked and it’s messing with your brain! 🤓💩🧠

When it comes to health and balance – your brain and gut are besties!! But when they have a “falling out” and aren’t communicating well, then your mental state along with your whole body can be out of whack.

☑️ When your gut is hurting, it doesn’t produce valuable neurochemicals such as dopamine…

☑️ Having low dopamine can turn you into a bit of dope because it’s the transmitter that helps your brain with movement, speech, and motivation (hence brain fog). You NEED dopamine to feel calm i.e. drug addicts and people with Parkinson’s typically have low dopamine.

☑️ Your friendly gut bugs also produce serotonin (which regulates mood + digestion), along with B vitamins that calm your nervous system!

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Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus, MD, IFMCP
Healing Unleashed

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