Are you tired of feeling puffy??

Can’t understand why your workout schedule and clean eating aren’t moving the needle with your weight?

Do you DREAD the start of your monthly cycle because you know the cramps, swelling, mood swings, and general suffering will start?

Have you suffered from ovarian cysts or fibroids in the past?

All these symptoms have something in common… and may point to estrogen dominance. Never heard of that? It’s no surprise and probably stuff your OBGYN never told you about either.

Estrogen dominance arises when you store too much estrogen in your body (that should be released through your urine during your normal monthly cycle).

But don’t get freaked out, estrogen dominance is pretty common, especially with the changes in our environment (mainly a massive amount of pollution, as well as contaminants in our water and food – even vegetables and fruits)!

Combine these with genetic factors and it’s no wonder most people are storing more estrogen than they should!

Causes of estrogen dominance include:

⭕ Exposure to xenoestrogens (estrogen lookalikes in detergents and skin lotions)

⭕ High doses of synthetic estrogen (from birth control pills)

⭕ Digestive issues (which affect your liver’s ability to excrete estrogen)

⭕ Intense stress (which impairs the adrenals and thyroid, causing hormonal distress)

⭕ Poor diet (which can cause gut issues and inability to detox estrogen)

⭕ Low progesterone

That’s why in our practice at {{}}, we start with a thorough assessment of your current hormonal status (both in blood, urine, and tissues)… then move towards corrective lifestyle changes such as:

☑️ Get proper testing to see if you are holding on to excess estrogen or have low progesterone which is responsible for regulating estrogen

☑️ Tweak your diet: Eat plenty of organic veggies and say bye-bye to gluten and high-carb diets

☑️ Deal with your STRESS: Get more rest and more sleep, avoid stressful situations

☑️ Make sure you have daily bowel movements: not only to detox, and have a flatter stomach, but so your estrogen doesn’t get reabsorbed into your body!

To your health,

Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus, MD, IFMCP
Healing Unleashed

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