Cognitive Decline (Dementia)

There is an epidemic of cognitive issues in our population. It is sad to see so many people at a relatively young age develop signs of dementia. Yes, we may have slight decrease in cognitive ability as we age, but it should not be a major factor if we have established healthy life style choices.

Not all dementia is due to Alzheimer’s disease. As a matter of fact, most cases of dementia are not due to this genetic predisposition to cognitive issues. Other significant causes are:

  • Untreated or uncontrolled hypertension causing damage to blood vessels
  • Post stroke
  • Metabolic disorders such as diabetes
  • Nutritional deficiencies (yes Vitamin D is critical for brain health)
  • Heavy metal and pesticide toxicity
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Repetitive brain injuries
  • Infections such as meningitis or encephalitis (Lyme Disease)

The one organ that is often overlooked is the brain. We go for our annual exams and get blood tests for cholesterol, but have often does your doctor suggest an EEG (electroencephalogram) to assess the health of your brain?

At Healing Unleashed we seek to correct this neglect by encouraging all of our adult patients to have an EEG. It’s amazing what we discover. Even if the EEG is absolutely normal (which it often is not), we can help the brain regain more optimal function with our neural therapy program. We help people improve their memory, concentration and ability to focus.

Dementia is not the end result of a long-lived life. We should be able to grow into our elder years with a sharp mental focus and emotional health. Our functional medicine approach allows us to address nutrient deficiencies, insomnia and other stress-related disorders.

Brain activity


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