Can you supplement your way to less stress?

The short answer is NO… because your stress levels are typically a result of many factors, not just your day-to-day job or sitting in traffic. There are many forms of toxic stress that people are suffering from:

❇️ heavy metals and pesticides in our food and water

❇️ diet choices such as loads of sugar, carbs and harmful fats

❇️ stealth infections

❇️ hormonal imbalances

❇️ digestive disorders that cause high level of inflammation throughout the body

There is simply no one magic supplement 🦄 😂 (or even a range of them) that can “out supplement” all these factors…

And in fact, that’s why medications oftentimes fall short when prescribed for your symptoms.

What I find in my practice is that many people try to “blindly” supplement for their health issues, only to find out later that they were taking the wrong supplement.

This is why getting the proper testing is so crucial – yet so many conventional practitioners don’t know about this kind of in-depth testing (because it’s not for acute care and it wasn’t part of their med school training).

Getting rid of the stress you are feeling – including mental, emotional, and psychological stress – takes lifestyle prescriptions paired up with the right targeted supplementation for your particular deficiencies.

That’s why I use pharmaceutical-grade supplements as part of a holistic healing prescription to bring your body back into balance. This gives your body a helping hand, along with an anti-inflammatory diet and mind-body techniques to keep your mental stress low and keep those stress hormones in check!

Also, if you are on ANY medication or have a serious health condition… you must check with your doc for possible interactions before “tinkering” with supplements.

To your health,

Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus, MD, IFMCP
Healing Unleashed

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