Can We Heal Our Body By Healing Our Thoughts?

Early in my medical career I realized that some people got well and others didn’t. The same situation but different outcomes depending on the person’s belief system. I then began noticing my own belief system, my thoughts, and the impact they had on the patients I served. I have always been a pretty positive, optimistic person. I see the best outcomes for my patients. I started noticing that my mindset was different than some of my physician colleagues…and that my patient’s outcomes were generally speaking better than the doctors who always saw the worse case scenario. I expected my patients to get better and they usually did.

Dr. Larry Dossey, a friend of mine, in his book “Space Time & Medicine” tells the story of one of his patients who was dying but all his tests were normal. No one could figure out why he was so gravely ill. Finally, one of his relatives came to the ICU to visit him and related how the man had had a curse put on him by someone who was bent on harming him. After hearing this, the doctors who were caring for him, did a ritual with the man and “suggested” to him that the curse had been lifted. Within a few days the man’s condition changed dramatically and he was discharged from the hospital without any residual problems.

Our thoughts are energy patterns that have an effect within our physiology. We can make ourselves sick just through the power of our mind/our thoughts/ our belief system. If that is true, then the opposite is also true. We have the capacity to change our mind/to alter our worldview and perceptions of life, and thus, we have the power to change our lives…by simply becoming more aware and mindful of negative thoughts and belief systems and gradually change them to the truth.


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