An Epidemic of ADHD

Over the many years I have practiced medicine, I have seen a definite increase in the number of children and adults that are not able to focus and concentrate in school and work. There are many reasons for this uptick in the condition we call “attention deficit disorder. “ Let’s explore a few.

The health of both mothers and fathers is vitally important for the unborn baby. If Mom is eating a diet deficient in vital nutrients, it impacts the fetus. If the mother has been exposed to environmental toxins, these harmful chemicals are “downloaded” to the baby. Neurotoxic chemicals are widespread in our society, and there is growing evidence this may be one of the reasons we are seeing so many children with brain disorders.

The growing fetal brain is very vulnerable. If there has been damage, it can affect the child’s ability to focus and concentrate. Slow brain waves such as delta (0-4hz/cycles per second) and theta (5-8 hz) can impair the frontal lobes of the brain to function properly. The frontal lobes are also called the executive functioning part of the brain.

We can help you (adult ADHD) and your child improve brain function. In addition to doing a complete medical evaluation of your child, we will also analyze the brain wave patterns by performing a quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) here in our clinic. We will design a protocol using gentle, safe neurostimulation to get the neural networks working more effectively.

Neurofeedback training will then begin to help the brain re-organize in a more efficient way. School performance will improve along with behavioral changes that help your child be happier and more successful in life. A healthy brain equals a happy child.


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