Joan Sloss EdD LMT

Dr. Joan has practiced Manual Therapy full-time for over 30 years. She trained in bodywork after retiring from a professional dance/choreography career (Philadelphia/Minneapolis). She completed her Doctorate in Human Movement at Temple University (1982). She specializes in reducing and curing chronic myofascial pain


Dr Joan continues to advance her knowledge and skills in manual therapy by regularly taking classes from The Upledger Institute and from the Barral Institiute. Joan has been working steadily to achieve the highest level of skill in craniosacral therapy.

Dr. Joan started her bodywork career as a licensed massage therapist, with 1,000 hours certification from the Colorado School of Healing Arts (1992). In 2007 Dr Joan completed certifications in 12 levels of medical massage therapy from The Medical Massage Office and Associates (formerly N. Carolina).

Dr Joan co-founded Healing Unleashed where she specializes in reducing and curing chronic myofascial pain. She is almost always successful in restoring integration, balance and good movement function to the human body.

Her two big goals are to heal pain as quickly as possible, and to teach her clients how to stay free of pain.

  • Member of American Massage Therapy Association
  • Member of Association of Healthcare Practitioners

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