Your brain can be trained to perform better. When the brain becomes “stuck” due to the repetition of maladaptive neuronal firing (bad brain habits), Neural therapies can help both children and adult brains become “unstuck” and self-regulate.

EEG (Electroencephalogram) is a test used to measure the activity/function of the brain. We are measuring the different wave forms throughout the brain.

We use a digital 19 channel recording to measure the cycles/second or Hertz of each wave form. A special cap with electrodes is placed on the person’s head.

  • Delta (0-4 cycles/sec) is the slowest brainwave and is the main wave form during deep sleep
  • Theta (4-8 cycles/sec) is the dominant brainwave during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and dream. Seeing some low amplitude (how big the wave forms are) and theta in the waking, eyes open EEG is normal. But, if these wave forms have a high amplitude (big or large), they may indicate neurological or developmental problems
  • Alpha (9-12 cycles/sec) has a high amplitude and is often rhythmic on the EEG. In alpha the person is often relaxed and focused, almost in a dreamy state. Alpha is a bridge between the slower waves of delta and theta and the faster wave forms of beta and high beta. Alpha should increase when eyes are closed. Marijuana, THC, also can cause a high amplitude (big) wave form, thus the day dreamy state this substance is known for
  • Beta (12-38 cycles/sec) and is the main wave used in thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, math computations. Too much beta can be seen in individuals with anxiety and stress
  • Gamma (anything above 30 cycles/sec) is often associated with inspiration, perception and heightened meditation and awareness. It is very fast and low amplitude and is often difficult to train with neural therapy

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