Why You Still Feel Sick, Even Though Your Labs Came Back Normal

Aren’t you feeling off even though your labs came back normal, nothing could be more frustrating? 

In this video, I’ll share why this happens and what you need to know about conventional medical testing. 

When people are experiencing symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, unexplained weight gain, and sleep issues, they go to their doctor to find out why. Their doctor will order a standard blood test and do a general exam. But when the blood tests come back “fine”, your doctor will typically give some vague advice.

While blood tests are important, they can only tell us a fraction of what we need to know. And they don’t go very deep on the stats that they do provide. It’s just they’re covered by insurance. They just test for the bare minimum, meaning that you miss many important stats like all your thyroid hormones, for example, what is considered normal on blood tests are numbers that are actually generated on an average of people healthy or not. 

So while you may be in the general range, that doesn’t mean your blood work is optimal for you. When a functional medicine doctor works with patients, we interpret blood tests differently and help people achieve those optimal results. And we also do more advanced medical testing to find out what’s been missed on those standard blood tests. And often this is why they are still dealing with symptoms and feeling sick. But in functional medicine. 

We do things like a stool analysis to check the health of your digestive system and we also do a full thyroid panel to address, salivary cortisol, to address stress and see how your adrenal glands are functioning. micronutrient testing also helps us identify any deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other important cofactors like oxidative stress markers. 

You know Functional Medicine is the approach that can best help you find answers and solutions to your health problems.

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