What your Poop Says about Your Estrogen Levels

OK, time to talk poop…

I know this doesn’t sound like a fun topic, but knowing a little more about your poop (and your elimination habits) can have a HUGE impact on hormonal health. 

Pooping is an immediate way to detox your body, and if your poo isn’t healthy (shape, size, and consistency)… it’s usually an indication that poor gut health might be triggering hormone imbalances.

There is a link between your hormone health and how well (and often) you poop because there is an intricate interplay between gut health and your hormone levels at play.

When it comes to the “perfect poop” 💩 it’s all about your diet and the health of your gut bugs that live in your intestines (called the microbiome). Not only do these gut bugs absorb fibers from our food to manufacturing B vitamins and neurotransmitters (for healthy brain activity) but they are also in charge of balancing hormonal levels. 

Special gut bugs 🦠 (called the estrobolome) munch up all the excess estrogen you don’t need post-cycle so you don’t get a crazy estrogen overload in your body! I like to think of them as helpful pac-men, who help you to detox your body from excess estrogen stores that can increase your risk for cancer, cause painful periods and increase boating, and more. 

That’s why releasing your “estrogen leftovers” through your poop 💩 is key.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have enough of the good gut bugs and have more of the “bad” bacteria. Some harmful gut bugs produce an enzyme called beta-glucuronidase that causes estrogen to get reabsorbed into your body 😩

Ready to heal your gut and start rebalancing that estrogen today? 

To your health,

Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus, MD, IFMCP
Healing Unleashed

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