What You Didn’t Know About Brain Fog…Sugar May be the Culprit!!!

How much sugar do you consume? The average American consumes about 152 pounds in one year!! That’s equal to 3 pounds (6 cups) per week. Can you imagine what that much sugar is doing to your brain and the rest of your body?

Here are some things that you should know:

  • As a society we all consume too much sugar.
  • Sugar is a toxin to the brain and is addictive. It causes inflammation throughout the body and especially in the brain.
  • When you eat that sugary snack, you may feel a burst of energy for a while (feeling hyperactive), but in a few hours after the sugar high is over, you come down with a bang, feeling sluggish and tired.

Several years ago I was testing this fact that sugar stimulates the brain by doing an EEG before and after the ingestion of sugar. The results were a large spike in beta wave activity (fast brain waves) in the frontal lobe. Too much beta in the brain waves can lead to hyperactivity and inability to concentrate.

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