What Is Integrative Pediatrics?

Are you as a parent struggling with your child self and still not getting the answers? Do you wish there was a more natural approach to your child self than you need to hear about holistic pediatrics? 

The conventional approach to children’s health is pretty much the same across the board, treat symptoms with medications, and hope for the best.

But as a parent, this can be so frustrating, especially if your child is struggling with recurring issues like chronic earaches or tummy aches, sleep issues, and problems paying attention at school. 

Is your pediatrician giving you information to help prevent these chronic health issues? Don’t give up. Holistic pediatrics has many ways to help your child. 

One of the reasons why holistic medicine can help with chronic issues is that we look at the root cause of many children’s health concerns. While conventionally trained pediatricians are great at acute care, they don’t always have the training to deal with chronic illnesses. 

What these dedicated doctors miss is lifestyle. 

What kind of diet is the child consuming? How much exercise and play is a child involved in? Are they sleeping well and long enough? And what about those stresses that our children are exposed to at home and in school? Do they have a good network of kind and supportive friends? Are they getting the essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy immune system? 

Holistic pediatrics uses the functional medicine approach and focuses on many of the lifestyle factors that impact your child’s overall health, like sleep, the environment, and diet. 

So we work on a deeper level with parents to upgrade the whole family’s health. The functional medicine pediatrician will help guide you in creating the best opportunity for your child to be healthy and thrive.

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