Plantar fasciitis

This hard-to-pronounce medical term simply means the soft tissues along the bottom of your foot are inflamed. The plantar fascia helps to support the arch of your foot. Typically, pain is felt on the underside of the heel and can be intense when you walk. Many people suffer with this condition much longer than necessary!

If you have plantar fasciitis, here’s how we can help you quickly heal. First, we’ll apply muscle and joint mobilization to help your foot joints move easily. If we believe you have a serious problem with one or more joints, we’ll refer you for orthopedic evaluation.

Next, we’ll perform deep-tissue massage to find and release adhesions in the fascia and to stretch the tendons and muscles along the bottom of your foot. And we’ll stretch and balance the muscles of your lower leg that control the movement of the ankle and foot bones.

In addition, we’ll examine your gait (how you walk) and show you how to walk more correctly. We may suggest you seek help choosing shoes that better fit the structure of your feet. And we’ll show you how to use a tennis ball to stretch the muscles and tendons along the bottom of your feet. We’ll also discuss how to correctly stretch your lower legs to prevent the pain from recurring.

We’ll examine how you stand and walk to determine whether you have muscle weakness and lack of muscle support. If this is the case, we’ll show you how to strengthen your calf, ankle, and foot muscles, or we may recommend you see a physical therapist to strengthen and normalize your leg, ankle, and foot action. These recommendations help you achieve long-term wellness and, of course, freedom from pain!

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