Meditation with Dr B

Heart Center Meditation

I will teach you a heart center meditation that I first learned from one of my spiritual teachers, Dr. Brugh Joy.

We start with what is called a moudra, something that moves energy in the body.

The heart moudra involves placing the right hand over the heart center chakra, then left hand with thumbs touching. You can feel the energy…to stimulate the heart energy.

We start the meditation by practicing the art of sacred touch…imagine your hands as radiant balls of light with reverence and compassion. Pitch your awareness to your body. The body is now in this heart center meditation state.

The heart center has 4 states.

Compassion…oceanic, boundless compassion. With your breath invite into your heart compassion…limitless compassion

Innate harmony: the calm in the midst of chaos, the eye of the storm. With your breath call in the attribute of innate harmony so it can join you.

Healing presence: the desire and longing toward healing. Love in action. It’s the first action in the universe. With your breath, bring it in.

Unconditional love: reverence, ability to appreciate each thing as it is without trying to change it. Deeply healing. Call it in.

As move into the meditation, practice each attribute as you breath in.

Repeat each attribute. Silently with your breath bring in each one.

This is about movement, it’s energy, let it happen as you feel the need.

Repeat a few times.

Do this 4 times/day. For 10 minutes.

As you do this, you will be generating your own innate healing and peace.


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