Living True to Your Purpose

You may not realize that finding and living from your true life purpose is another aspect of wellness, health and vitality.  Whenever we are out of alignment with who we are at the core of our being, there is distress in our life – mind, body and spirit.  And this distress can cause excessive stress on our biological systems…and ultimately lead to disease and dysfunction.

Not knowing who you are or why you are here in this life expression ultimately causes sadness, unhappiness, despair and depression.  As a physician my greatest joy is to see people get in touch with their life purpose and started living out from the well-spring of their unique creative genius.  That’s ultimately how I know that our work together on improving your health is beginning to manifest.  To see joy in the eyes of my patients helps me realize that I am fulfilling my purpose.

It’s the proverbial question:  Who am I?  Why am I here?  Yes, it takes a lifetime of trials and tribulations to discover that for some of us; others find it more easily.  So, how do you begin your search?  Is there a path to self-discovery?  Yes, there is, but you have to be willing and longing to take it.

First, comes the realization that you are unique – there is no one on earth just like you.  Whether you believe in a higher power or not, there can be no doubt that each of us has a special dispensation to be part of the whole in creating our world.

Second, you begin “noticing” what you are good at; what you could do forever and never tire of it; what causes a chill to run down your spine or bring a tear to your eyes just at the mere thought of being and doing what you were meant to be and do.  When you draw near to this realization, you are beginning to discover your uniqueness.

You may be working a job that drains you physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. Let this be a catalyst to go within your heart and ask that question:  Who am I? Why am I here?  And if you truly “listen” with the expectation of hearing a still, small voice from inside your soul, you will hear.  It may not happen immediately, but as you continue to believe and stay open, you will one day find yourself face to face with your true, beautiful and amazing self.  Your higher self as some call it.

There are many ways to self-discovery.  Two common ways are mediation and journaling.  In my life I have used both and still use these methods to go further in my life – to deepen my awareness of my own true purpose, my passion.

I may recommend a variety of helpful lifestyle changes that will improve your health.  I may advise you to follow a certain diet.  I may encourage you to take a few nuetriceutical supplements to replenish what your body is missing.  All these are good, but ultimately, I see my purpose in assisting you towards greater health is to encourage you to release your own “imprisoned splendor” so you can shine like a thousand suns.


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