How Leaky Gut Leads To Brain Fog

Is your brain on fire? Can’t think clearly? Memory fuzzy? Too much gas in the tummy? These symptoms may be connected!

You know, there’s been a new buzzword going around for quite a while it’s called leaky gut.

The term leaky gut is used to describe what is called increased intestinal permeability.

The cells lining the GI tract should be tightly packed together. And then when you eat inflammatory foods sometimes these cell borders will loosen up a little bit and allow foreign substances to get in through that opening into the bloodstream and cause problems like food sensitivities, food allergies, autoimmune conditions.

The brain is one of the organs in the body that can be affected by leaky gut because of the inner connection between the brain and the gut. When foreign substances get into the bloodstream, and go to the brain, they can also affect the lining of the blood vessels that are in the brain.

That creates a barrier called the blood-brain barrier. Now the cells in those blood vessels can also separate out which causes us foreign substances to get into the brain itself, causing brain inflammation, brain fog, and many times much more serious conditions.

That’s why so many people with symptoms of excessive gas and bloating, abdominal pain, and diarrhea also complained of brain fog.

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