Don’t Feel ‘Sick Enough’ For Functional Medicine?

Have you never considered the functional medicine route because you don’t think you are “sick enough”? Do you think it’s only for people with conditions like autoimmune or cancer?

Think again. Functional medicine is for everyone! It gets to the core of chronic symptoms warning flags for something more serious that can easily be nipped in the bud.

Often, when dealing with nagging chronic symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, and brain fog, they don’t see them as a warning sign of serious illness. Usually, these will go ignored for years, and people will think that they “just aren’t sick enough” to do more investigating or maybe “I’m just getting older.” They may have been to see their doctor, who has reinforced these thoughts. 

While this dialogue is going on in the back of their mind, they are missing out on some key things. These are symptoms of health imbalances that can be corrected and should be done in order to avoid more chronic illnesses down the road. 

Are you one of these people who shrug off those nagging symptoms of brain fog, fatigue, and low energy?  You may be thinking that doctors don’t seem to go deep enough to get to the bottom of why you don’t feel well?

Well, that’s what Functional Medicine is all about– PREVENTION!

The functional medicine approach can be the key to all of this because we look at the root cause of your chronic symptoms instead of ignoring symptoms or trying to cover them up with medications. Often these seemingly “harmless” symptoms can also be clues that you are at much higher risk for heart attack, dementia, and autoimmune conditions that can all be prevented with the right intervention.  There is no reason for you to continue to worry about these symptoms.  Don’t you think it’s time to get serious about your health NOW before you end up with a chronic disease? 

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