Why Many Chronic Conditions Are Curable (Despite What Docs Say)

Have you always heard that conditions like diabetes and autoimmune are incurable? While this may be common knowledge, it isn’t true at all!

In this video, I’ll share why many chronic conditions that people (and even doctors) believe aren’t curable actually are!

The conventional approach to treating many so-called “chronic, incurable illnesses” is to give the person medications to suppress their symptoms and hope for the best. It is most likely why many people and even doctors believe conditions like diabetes and autoimmune are incurable simply because no one is treating the root causes of these illnesses.

One of the reasons conventional doctors are using more drugs to treat chronic conditions is because they aren’t trained to deal with the many issues that create it in the first place: Things like diet, stress, environmental toxins, complex hormone imbalances.

Our current medical schools often don’t have classes on nutrition, stress management, or rebalance hormones without medications. They also aren’t able (because of health insurance restrictions) to run the advanced medical testing needed to understand the underlying root causes of chronic illnesses, so it’s impossible for them to reverse them. 

With functional medicine testing and lifestyle interventions, we can help people improve their health, often heal their chronic illnesses, and lead vibrant lives. That’s my goal with every patient I see.

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