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Is Leaky Gut To Blame?

Are you struggling with brain fog and mood swings? Are seasonal allergies driving you CRAZY? Perhaps you have constant tummy troubles too? It may be Leaky Gut!! Messing with your gut health is no laughing matter. That’s because the gut governs 80% of your immune system and creates 95% of your serotonin (the primary neurotransmitter

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Could your hormones keep you from restful sleep?

If you’re having trouble sleeping it’s not JUST because you are worrying about everything while your partner is fast asleep in the bed next to you!  While most people aim for 7 to 9 hours per night…the truth is many people aren’t getting enough or having restful sleep even when they can “sleep in”. There

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Healing Plant-Based Foods for Your Gut and Brain

There’s a big reason why plant-based 🌿foods are excellent for your gut and brain – beyond their vitamin and minerals content… … it’s because they contain special fibers that our gut bugs just love! And when your gut bugs are happy, your body is happy as well! Bacteroidetes and firmicutes are some of the more

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20 Adaptogens For Hormone Health

❇️ Ashwagandha ❇️ Astralagus ❇️ Bacopa ❇️ Bilberry ❇️ Cordyceps ❇️ Dang Shen ❇️ Eleuthero ❇️ Gotu Kola ❇️ He Shou Wu ❇️ Holy Basil (Tulsi) ❇️ Licorice Root ❇️ Maca ❇️ Moringa ❇️ Reishi ❇️ Rhondiola ❇️ Panax Gingsend ❇️ Schisandra ❇️ Shatavari ❇️ Suma Recognize any of these on the list?! ⚖️ Adaptogens

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Experiencing hair loss? Maybe your thyroid is to blame!

Worried that there is more hair in your hairbrush than on your head?? 😱 It’s not a sign that you’re “just getting older” – it even happens to women in their 20’s and 30’s! Well, your thyroid may be to blame! No question about it… thyroid hair loss sucks, but did you know that not

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The top foods contributing to inflammation

Inflammation refers to your body’s healing response to infections, injuries, and toxins – by activating your immune system to release antibodies and proteins, as well as increasing blood flow to the damaged area.  In the case of acute inflammation, this whole process usually lasts for a few days – but in the case of chronic

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