Manual Therapy for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be especially debilitating, because so many of our daily work and home activities require a wide range of arm and shoulder movement.

If you have shoulder pain, we’ll first evaluate you for signs of joint instability. If you have ligament damage or other structural problems that destabilize any component of your joints, we’ll immediately refer you to an orthopedic medical doctor for evaluation. The physician may choose to refer you back to our office for manual therapy to complement his or her treatment plan.

The shoulder is complicated. It is Dr. Joan’s favorite part of the body to work on. She evaluates 26 muscles and 4 joints whenever shoulder pain or shoulder dysfunction shows-up. We’ll do this evaluation thoroughly and inform you and your doctor of the results. And we’ll recommend a manual therapy treatment plan to improve shoulder girdle function.

Neck, arm, shoulder, chest, and upper-back pain are often linked with dysfunctional position and dysfunctional movement of the shoulder girdle. We are almost always successful in healing shoulder problems, because we evaluate and treat the entire shoulder girdle – not just the painful parts. In fact, if you’ve been diagnosed with a rotator cuff dysfunction, there’s a high probability we can help you heal and recover good function.

Many people come to us with shoulder pain combined with symptoms of nerve pain. Symptoms of nerve compression include tingling, numbness and weakness. Don’t let these symptoms frighten you. Nerve compression occurs when tight muscles and hardened fascia put too much pressure on the nerves. Manual therapy quickly releases the nerves from pressure so the nerves function well again.

But guess what? Most cases of neck, shoulder, arm, and upper back pain are directly caused by poor posture! Good posture means your joints are properly aligned and work as they are designed to work. We never overlook posture as a major contributing cause to muscular-skeletal pain. Along with manual therapy, we teach you easy and effective ways to improve your posture.