Acne, eczema, psoriasis? The answer just might be in your gut!

If you suffer from any of these skin conditions, you’ve likely got some imbalances in your gut…

…meaning that the gut bugs that rule the health of your immunity (and how healthy your skin is) are being overpowered!

Your gut lining may be inflamed 🔥😭🔥🚨 because you have too many unfriendly bacteria, fungi, or even a parasite, or you suffer from a condition like Leaky Gut or small intestinal bacteria overgrowth.

Have you noticed that along with dull or broken-out skin, you may have a touch of acid reflux, bloating, or gas? If so, then your gut health is likely the link!! It could be that you have low stomach acid or a lack of digestive enzymes that are important for nutrient absorption you need to get your glow on!

With these conditions, your skin will take a hit, because an inflamed gut has trouble absorbing vitamins and nutrients that make your skin glow. Conditions like leaky gut also allow toxins to pass into our bloodstream and spread inflammation throughout the body which can cause horrible acne. 😬 😭😱
I am here to help you figure out the ins and outs of improving your gut health which also helps to heal your skin!👆Beauty is an inside job!

Decide to upgrade your digestive health so that you can enjoy radiant skin.

Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus, MD, IFMCP
Healing Unleashed

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