5 Steps To Improve Your Gut Health

You don’t have to suffer from chronic digestive problems. There really are simple, natural solutions to help you.

I truly wish every doctor would take the opportunity to learn more about the GI system and all it’s functions. You might be one of those who continue to suffer from bad digestion because your doctor honestly just doesn’t know how to assess your GI systems and help you restore balance.

There are 5 steps (The 5 R’s) I investigate when you see me.

  1. Remove: food intolerances, infections, toxins, stress factors
  2. Replace: What the body needs like digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acids, bile salts, fiber
  3. Reinoculate: Your gut bacteria need to be in abundant quantity and diversity so probiotics and prebiotics are necessary for a health gut.
  4. Repair: We repair the gut with proper, whole foods, appropriate nutrients like vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory nutrients.
  5. ReBalance: That means rebalancing your life, decreasing stress with mindful eating and relaxation and other important destressors like meditation, yoga and deep breathing.

Next Steps

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