3 Ways To Repair Leaky Gut & Restore Immune Health

Feeling totally fatigued, achy, and scattered isn’t just a sign of old age.

When people feel like this, they could be going down that treacherous path towards autoimmune or even have undiagnosed autoimmune illness already!

But you don’t have to suffer needlessly — the key is to repair your gut and restore immune health!

The conventional approach to treating autoimmune is to prescribe medications or injectable biologics to deal with the symptoms.  While this may seem like the logical approach, it doesn’t begin to deal with the root cause at hand—why your body is in the autoimmune state in the first place.  

Most doctors and people with autoimmune disease miss the inflammation-gut connection and how it keeps your immune system on high alert. Since your gut is key when it comes to immune function, when gut infections or dysbiosis have spun out of control, your entire immune system becomes overactive.

Conditions like Leaky Gut can cause your immune system to go on high alert. Since your intestines are “leaking” food particles and bacteria into your bloodstream, causing your immune system to be constantly on high alert because it sees these as invaders. 

How do you protect against this leaky gut?  Eating a clean, mostly organic diet can assure you aren’t getting toxins into your system. Too many of our foods are sprayed with harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.

Having a healthy gut microbiome (those good bacteria) is also very important. Eating prebiotic foods and sometimes taking a probiotic can ensure your good bacteria are in ample supply to keep the lining of your intestines free of inflammation. 

You can decrease inflammation in your body and help your immune system do what it is supposed to do:  Protect you from foreign invaders.  Eating clean, healthy food, eliminating inflammatory foods, and maintaining a healthy gut bacteria population are ways to repair leaky gut and restore immune health.

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