20 Adaptogens For Hormone Health

❇️ Ashwagandha

❇️ Astralagus

❇️ Bacopa

❇️ Bilberry

❇️ Cordyceps

❇️ Dang Shen

❇️ Eleuthero

❇️ Gotu Kola

❇️ He Shou Wu

❇️ Holy Basil (Tulsi)

❇️ Licorice Root

❇️ Maca

❇️ Moringa

❇️ Reishi

❇️ Rhondiola

❇️ Panax Gingsend

❇️ Schisandra

❇️ Shatavari

❇️ Suma

Recognize any of these on the list?!

⚖️ Adaptogens are powerful plants that help your body “adapt” (hence the name) to stress – by either increasing the level of messenger substances that activate stress or by suppressing stress hormones like cortisol.

Many of these amazing plants have been used in ancient Chinese Medicine and Ancient Indian Medicine (Ayurveda) for thousands of years… and now modern science is vetting their effectiveness 😊

Apart from helping to regulate cortisol, adaptogens also help your body reestablish hormonal balance in other parts… like the gut and brain 🧠 

Another reason adaptogens are so awesome is that they support beneficial gut flora that we rely on heavily! They are at the helm of our immune system function and create important nutrients (like B vitamins) as well as neurotransmitters (like serotonin and dopamine). 

Without this helpful flora, many of our brain, hormonal, and immune functions would break down.

✨ So now you understand the concept of “using plants as medicine” and why we should take this ancient wisdom tradition to heart. Adaptogens (with very few side effects) make the perfect pair with some of our modern medical techniques!

✨ When I work with patients, I teach them which adaptogens to pair with their specific health challenges and how to use them to better balance their overall health.

✨ If you’re curious to try them, I suggest checking in first with a practitioner “in the know” so you can avoid any interactions – and once you get the green light, you can brew these powerful plants into a tea. Swap them in place of caffeine-rich drinks, sugary sports drinks, or even your standard black tea.

Tag a friend who is interested in herbal medicine or would love these adaptogens too. ✨💕

To your health,

Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus, MD, IFMCP
Healing Unleashed

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