Functional Medicine in Colorado

Functional medicine—the medicine of the future

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This new medical specialization prevents and heals complex, chronic diseases.

Are you living with chronic disease?

Chronic diseases are complex but can be healed when the real causes are addressed. In most cases, you must make lifestyle changes to prevent & heal chronic diseases such as–

Diabetes Heart Disease
Cancer Depression
Autoimmune Disorders Hormonal Disorders
Functional medicine at Healing Unleashed
  • Dr. Bedinghaus will interview you to gather an in-depth medical history.
  • Ultra-modern laboratory testing of your body systems may be recommended.
  • Our program improves digestion, immunity, endocrine health, mental health and other functions.
  • We offer you safe, effective and natural treatments and substances.
  • We provide educational seminars & materials to help you make lifestyle changes.
How well does your doctor know you?
  • Functional medicine practitioners spend more quality time with their patients, really getting to know them.
  • Functional medicine doctors look for interactions between genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors in disease.
  • Functional medicine physicians support the unique expression of health and vitality in each individual… and that means YOU!

About Dr. Bedinghaus

What’s wrong with conventional medicine?

There’s a huge gap between research and the way doctors practice. Most physicians suppress symptoms of illness with drugs and do not discover the deep, underlying causes of illness.

What are lifestyle diseases?

These diseases appear with more frequency as people live longer. They are also associated with living in industrialized societies.  Examples of lifestyle diseases:  

  • asthma in children caused by parental tobacco smoking
  • hardening of the arteries caused by the types of food we eat combined with prolonged stress
  • diseases caused by highly processed food, genetically modified food (GMO) and poor diet
  • diseases related to alcohol, overworking, emotional stress, lack of exercise & poor sleep
  • Other preventable lifestyle diseases include:
Alzheimer’s disease metabolic syndrome obesity
stroke osteoporosis depression
anxiety Crohn’s disease cirrhosis
extreme allergies recurring infections COPD
How Does the Environment Affect My Health?

We are exposed to toxins at home, at school, and at work.  To learn more about how the environment affects your health see our detoxification page.

Can Genes Cause Chronic Diseases?

Genes play a role in the regulation of your body functions. However, genes do not always express or turn-on.  It is important to remember that your lifestyle and your environment can determine which genes are expressing.

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