Quantitative EEG

Your brain can be trained to perform better. When the brain becomes “stuck” due to the repetition of maladaptive neuronal firing (bad brain habits), Neural therapies can help both children and adult brains become “unstuck” and self-regulate.

QEEG (Quantitative EEG) is also called a brain map. After the EEG is recorded, the raw data is converted with software to a normative database and compared to the individual’s brain map. From the brain map, we can then make a more accurate assessment of the health and optimal functioning of the person’s brain.

Traditional MRIs and CAT scans only give information about the structure of the brain. Brain maps tell us about the function of the neural connections within the brain – reveling whether there is too much activity in certain areas or too little.

After the brain map is analyzed we:

  • design the best treatment protocol to help your brain self-correct
  • provide neural therapy (neurostimunlation) to improve the brain’s ability to regulate its functions
  • help your brain become “unstuck” from dysfunctional brainwave patterns that are interfering with learning, behavior, mental function, mood, focus and memory

By doing this process we can find where the source of the brain dysfunction is and begin to correct it.

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