The “simple” headache is not so simple. There are many different kinds of headaches and different causes, and they are associated with many different illnesses. If you suffer with headaches, we can quickly determine whether or not medical massage can help you.

First, let’s consider migraine headaches. True migraine headaches are a vascular problem that can’t be permanently cured with massage techniques. However, medical massage can reduce the number and severity of migraines you experience during the treatment period. We highly recommend our neurofeedback treatment, which normalizes brainwave activity to cure true migraine headaches – for life. The trained technicians at Healing Unleashed can provide a neurofeedback evaluation and treatment plan for you. (Click here to learn more about neurofeedback.)

Headaches caused by stress are surprisingly easy to heal. You’ll receive a combination of therapeutic massage and stress education. We’ll recommend a treatment program that includes massage and appropriate changes to your lifestyle or behaviors, which could be as straightforward as setting up an ergonomic work area.

When headaches are caused by poor body mechanics and poor muscular-skeletal function, manual therapy is the ideal solution. But don’t be fooled! Few people have ideal mechanical balance, and if you attribute your headaches to stress, they actually may be caused by poor biomechanics.

Do you have headaches that began after a physical accident or injury? Often, we can totally eliminate these headaches, even when they have occurred for many years. Whiplash and other head, neck, and shoulder injuries often cause spasms in the deeper muscles, and we use safe and careful techniques to heal the deeper tissues. Manual therapy to the head, neck, and shoulders can be very effective.

When headaches are caused exclusively by allergies, hormonal dysfunction, or other physiological dysfunctions, medical massage may not be helpful. We strongly recommend our homeopathy services for the treatment of this class of headaches. Therefore, our first responsibility is to medically determine whether manual treatment is safe for you given your total health history. (Click here to learn more about homeopathy.)

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