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Lymphatic Massage Resolves Parotid Swelling

Dr. Joan’s Medical Massage Therapy Testimonials

My daughter is a competitive figure skater and soccer player and gets her share of muscular challenges. Dr. Joan has been a wonderful part of my daughter’s healing process as well as an integral part of counseling her on the importance of stretching, caring for herself, and preventive maintenance. Dr. Joan is a brilliant professional who cares about her patients in a way that is truly unique in these times.


Dr. Joan began treating me after a car accident, and within 4 treatments I was standing erect and walking straighter and she helped ease the pain. Dr. Joan is not a ‘typical’ massage therapist. She specializes in medical massage, and her massage treatments are different for each patient. Give her a call and set up an appointment. Your body will thank you many times over.


I received high-quality massage therapy, backed by an incredibly analytical approach to diagnosis and treatment.


Dr. Joan is a wonderful healer and teacher. She listens, asks questions, and works with each patient to resolve the issues. She educated me on new stretches and posture to aid in my healing between appointments. I recommend Dr. Joan to anyone who has pain or any issues the medical community hasn’t been able to help with. Believe me, Dr. Joan will find a way to help you. She helped me and continues to.


Dr. Joan Sloss has been working on my back and neck muscles as well as my gluteals and abdominals for about 6 months. She has helped to relieve my lower back pain and has also taught me a new way to walk and how to unclench my jaw, which all led to lower back pain. She is knowledgeable about the human body and how the muscles interact. She has taught me that my stiff muscles communicate with my stiff lower back and has given me exercises to help loosen and stretch these muscle groups. Dr. Joan is dedicated to helping people live better lives and be pain-free. I’m very grateful to her.


Dr. Joan came highly recommended to me by a friend who had suffered low back pain for years. I was skeptical at first, and had actually considered surgery. After only four treatments, the intense pain in my back, hip, and leg almost disappeared. I have been a patient for 3 years and now have increased flexibility and have very little pain. Dr. Joan has made a great difference in my life.


I was facing back surgery with no options left. I was limping and walking with a cane when I went to Joan for treatment. In 2 treatments I experienced significant relief from my symptoms, which I had been forced to live with for months.


My experience with Dr. Joan Sloss went beyond my expectations. I have suffered with neck & shoulder pain for years and years. I’ve had countless massages, which only gave me temporary relief. After just three visits to Dr. Joan, I am pain free! Her technique is like no other, and it works! She is a Godsend and a blessing in my life. I recommend her highly for quick, lasting results!


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Dr. Montgomery Neurofeedback Testimonials

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