Real Help for Headaches and Migraines

Too many people suffer from headaches.  When you receive the right type of therapy, headaches can be reduced in frequency and intensity…and in many cases both headaches and migraines can be cured for good.

Many headache sufferers can be helped when one very important thing is done.  That one thing is to evaluate and treat every factor that contributes to the recurring headaches.  My name is Dr. Joan Sloss.  I have been healing headaches and migraines for over 15 years.

Sometimes migraines can be caused by one single problem like a chronic spasm of the longus colli muscle deep in the anterior neck region.   This muscle often goes into spasm when whiplash type injuries occur.  The longus colli is a muscle that helps protect the spinal cord. Due to sensory/motor nerve reflex circuits, it can stay in spasm for decades.  I deliver the right type of gentle, safe manual therapy that will stop the spasm leaving you headache free.

Some headaches are caused by the coaction of multiple factors.  I often see this in people who work with poor posture, do not exercise on a regular basis, suffer high levels of stress, eat and sleep poorly, and suffer muscle tightness and poor circulation.  Does this sound like you?  When you come to Healing Unleashed for headache relief, we will work with you to heal your body and improve your lifestyle. You can say goodbye to NSAIDs and say hello to energetic living.

Some headaches are associated with other health problems.  Headaches are a common symptom when the body is failing to adequately eliminate toxins.  Toxins daily enter our body through food sources, water, air, and the many chemicals we use at home and at work.  Under the supervision of Dr. Bedinghaus, MD, you can safely eliminate dangerous toxins from your tissues in a short time.

Chronic stress wreaks havoc on the body and is frequently associated with headaches.  Chronic stress has a negative effect on the neuroendocrine, cardiovascular, immune and central nervous systems.  Headache pain may be warning you that stress is out of control.  I will help you understand how and why stress leads to headaches and other illnesses.  I will teach you easy to do breathing and movement exercises that will help calm you down before you feel agitated, overwhelmed or pressured.  You will gain conscious control over headaches, blood pressure, and muscle tension.  You will learn how to improve immunity and improve sleep.  I will also work directly on your body to relieve symptoms of stress in muscles and organs.  When manual therapy restores your body to a more relaxed state, your incentive to stay relaxed will increase. You will be motivated to say “yes” to what is peaceful and easy,  and willing to say “no” to situations that compress your time and crush your spirit.

Your headache may be caused by one factor, or by several co-acting factors.  You have a very good opportunity for recovery if you do two things: 1) commit to the process of recovering your health and 2) commit to working with a therapist that can help you achieve your goal.  Am I that therapist?  Let’s chat on the phone so you gain an initial sense of whether I might be a good choice for you.  Keep reading…

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When you come to Healing Unleashed with a headache problem we will evaluate and treat all the following potential causes of your headaches:

  • Insufficient arterial blood flow to the head and/or insufficient venous blood flow out of the head.
  • Stiffness or strain in the large cranial membranes that surround and help nourish the brain.
  • Lack of flexibility of the cranial bone sutures.
  • Problems with the production, circulation and/or emptying of the cranial sacral fluid that circulates around the brain and spinal cord.
  • Chronic tension of the muscles of the face, head, jaw, neck, chest upper thoracic and spinal regions.
  • Chronic tension of the sub-occipital muscles and other muscles that influence the cranial base.
  • Subluxation or compression of the Occipital/Atlas joint.  Subluxation or compression of other cervical vertebra.
  • Clenched jaw and other behavioral factors that cause excessive compressive force to the cranium (head).
  • Postural problems that continually subject the upper body to stress and strain from excessive compressive, torsion, shear and overstretch forces.
  • Out of control stress.  Autonomic nervous system dysfunction from chronic and excessive stress.
  • Suppressed or unresolved strong emotions linked to anger, anxiety, insecurity, dis-appointment, conflict.
  • A need for improved self-love and self-responsibility that will improve lifestyle.
  • A need for nutritional supplements that help your body clean out stored toxins such as heavy metals and organophosphates.
  • A need to identify and control foods that cause inflammatory responses in your body.
  • Bring inflammatory responses under control.

This may look like a long list.  I will start with the factors that are most likely to be causing your headaches and this reduces treatment time.  We will address several factors in each one-hour appointment.   You participate actively in your healing by doing the recommended “homework” exercises.  Your participation along with manual therapy leads to successful treatment.  A few people will be healed in just a few sessions.  Most people will require 8-16 therapy sessions to get permanent results, followed by occasional “tune-ups.”

Dr. Joan will begin by assessing and treating the soft tissue, physical and behavioral conditions that may be contributing to your headaches.  Dr. Bedinghaus will assess and treat any physiological conditions that may be contributing to your headaches.

How do we find the causes of your headaches?  How will you and your therapist know where to begin, how to proceed, and how to evaluate progress?

You will participate in an honest and comprehensive evaluation of lifestyle by using our health intake forms and by dialoguing with Dr. Sloss and/or Dr. Bedinghaus in your initial interview.

Starting in your first treatment, Dr. Joan will evaluate and treat your body for spasm, postural problems, movement problems, soft tissue problems, joint problems and circulatory problems.

Many people start to improve soon after therapy begins.  Dr Joan chooses therapies that restore your body to good function.   These therapies may include craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and gentle corrective exercise to eliminate bad posture and movement habits.

Your participation is totally necessary.  You may need to make changes to ergonomics, posture, exercise routines, sleep habits, use of stimulants, scheduled time for relaxation and recreation. You may need to explore and slowly make a few lifestyle improvements as recommended.  Your own wisdom, intuition and self-knowledge will guide you in making positive changes. You may want to enrich your family, friendship and spiritual ties.

Some headache patients will require the help of Dr. Bedinghaus.  For some patients, lab tests will be very helpful to determine if any chemical imbalances are contributing to the headaches.  And for a few patients who suffer migraines, it may be best to do an EEG evaluation of brain function.  The EEG evaluation is non-invasive and conveniently done in our office.

Healing Unleashed is committed to helping headache and migraine sufferers who are ready to commit to a comprehensive course of healing.  Many people enjoy major improvement in under 10 sessions of therapy.  Headache sufferers who require a longer course of treatment will be encouraged by sure and steady improvement.  You can do this.  And we are dedicated to helping you.

Please read the testimonials.  Dr. Joan has helped vets who developed migraine after being subjected to explosive devices while in military service.  She has helped patients who have suffered headaches for over 15 years.  She may be able to help you.


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