About The Team

Known to her patients as Dr. B, Wanda Bedinghaus, MD, graduated from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. She received pediatric training at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. She is licensed to practice medicine in the state of Colorado and has had her own practice for 23 years.

Dr. B practiced pediatrics in Dallas for 14 years. She left the field of medicine for several years to attain ordination as a Unity minister. Moving to Denver in 1992, she practiced pediatrics part-time at The Children’s Hospital Urgent Care Centers for 5 years, while running a church she founded.

In 2002 Dr. Bedinghaus graduated from Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a 3-year training program in classical homeopathy. She practiced classical homeopathy full-time for several years before beginning training in Functional Medicine.

Dr B. has been taking classes through The Institute for Functional Medicine for seven years. She attained certification in Functional Medicine in 2019. She is co-founder of Healing Unleashed in Lakewood where she specializes in digestive disorders, chronic diseases, autoimmune disease, metabolic problems and brain health.

Dr. Joan has practiced Manual Therapy full-time for over 30 years. She trained in bodywork after retiring from a professional dance/choreography career (Philadelphia/Minneapolis). She completed her Doctorate in Human Movement at Temple University (1982).

Dr Joan continues to advance her knowledge and skills in manual therapy by regularly taking classes from The Upledger Institute and from the Barral Institiute. Joan has been working steadily to achieve the highest level of skill in craniosacral therapy.

Dr. Joan started her bodywork career as a licensed massage therapist, with 1,000 hours certification from the Colorado School of Healing Arts (1992). In 2007 Dr Joan completed certifications in 12 levels of medical massage therapy from The Medical Massage Office and Associates (formerly N. Carolina).

Dr Joan co-founded Healing Unleashed where she specializes in reducing and curing chronic myofascial pain. She is almost always successful in restoring integration, balance and good movement function to the human body.

Her two big goals are to heal pain as quickly as possible, and to teach her clients how to stay free of pain.

  • Member of American Massage Therapy Association
  • Member of Association of Healthcare Practitioners

Tom Brady works closely with Dr. Bedinghaus as a functional medicine nurse. Tom also manages our Neural Therapy program under the direction of Dr B, and he serves on our management team. He joined Healing Unleashed in 2012. What drives Tom is his desire to help others achieve balance in their brains and bodies. Tom is currently working toward his goal to become a Nurse Practitioner, studying at CU Denver School of Nursing. His long-term professional goal is to continue the vision of Healing Unleashed to help others achieve full potential of health. He is committed to continuing education in both Neurofeedback and Functional Medicine. “Since beginning work at HU, I have seen many patients recover from symptoms and improve health when they follow through with our programs. This includes patients who saw other doctors before us. I strive to continue this holistic approach to healing disease.”
Tom’s past medical experience includes:
  • ​Denver Health - Paramedic
  • ​St. Anthony Hospital -Dispatch for Flight for Life and for the ER
  • ​Clinicals at UC Health, Children’s Hospital, Free Clinics
  • ​Volunteer for Team Rubicon (medical and other help in disaster response)
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