You Are Responsible For Your Life


No one can live your life for you.  No other person or group can make the decisions that are only yours to make.  Taking responsibility for yourself is owning and claiming your own life.  Responsibility means having the ability to respond to life and not just react.  It means you are alive.  If you are alive, you have the capacity to be responsible for your thoughts, words, actions and your life.

When you were a baby, a young child, a growing adolescent, your responsibilities were few.  I guess you might say the baby’s responsibility was to cry or otherwise let its needs be known to those who cared for him.  As you became older and could talk you began to be expected to take a certain amount of responsibility for getting your needs met.  During the growing years of maturation in adolescence, you were asked to be responsible for your actions and to obey the basic rules of your family and society.  Being responsible implied you had a certain duty and obligation to be an integral part of your world in such a way that you did your share, you did what needed to be done by you to experience a good, health and happy life.

Yes, we all have other responsibilities in the world that are outside our own self.  But these cannot be fulfilled if we haven’t first taken responsibility for our own life.  Responsibility is an act of caring.  If you care, you will take the necessary actions that you are called to perform. Responsibility is an honor, a way of being true to your self…a way of honoring your authentic, unique self.  Responsibility is a sharing in the love and care of our human family and our Mother Earth home.  Responsibility is expressing respect for the sacredness of life.
Responsibility then becomes a way of life that reaps rewards, not only for you, but for the whole of creation.  Even though you are ultimately the one responsible for your life, we also share the responsibility of taking care of our children and our elder brothers and sisters. The responsibility expands to help take care of those who have difficulty taking care of themselves…the impoverished ones, the disabled ones, the innocent ones and those who suffer from lack of freedom.

What would your life be if you had no responsibilities?  Responsibility is ultimately the gift of free will.  Responsibility is the doorway of choosing.  Taking care of your physical body is a choice.  How much self-awareness and responsibility does it take to understand the magnificence of your body, and that it will not function to its highest and best if you are negligent in the food you consume.  Or if you are abusive by taking in harmful substances like excessive alcohol or drugs.  Your responsibility for your own body doesn’t stop with good nutrition but extends to how you use this holy vessel.  Are you bringing forth your full physical strength if you don’t exercise, making time to move?

Responsibility is more than your bodily necessities, but also includes responsibility for the attitudes you hold, the thoughts you think, the words you use, the actions you take.  You are responsible for your own spiritual growth also.  Every time you have a new awareness, greater understanding of life, an expansion in consciousness of the spiritual universe we live in, you are upholding a spiritual imperative that lifts the consciousness of all of humankind.

Do not shy away from this wonderful choice: of being self-responsible.  Your life will flourish and your inner light will shine as a light for others. Responsibility is a matter of spiritual maturity.  Choose to be responsible and create the most elegant, happy, healthy, joyful life you could ever imagine.  Responsibility is not a harsh word or a grave sentence of striving and struggle.  It is a step to the experience of true and full freedom to be your most amazing, glorious self.  Step up to the plate and stand tall in the fullness of your life as a responsible, caring, loving, obedient global citizen.  It will truly makes a difference in your world.

1.    What does responsibility mean to you? Do you think you have been overly responsible for others?  Have you taken full responsibility for your life, your attitudes, thoughts, words, actions?
2.    What would your life be like if someone else or some organization or group took your responsibility away from you?
3.    Think of the joy that comes from being the one who is able to respond to the events and circumstances of your life.  How can you rethink the deeper meaning of responsibility?
4.    If being responsible is the opposite of being a victim of life, how does that change how you view your past, present and future?

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