What To Expect For Your First Visit

When you schedule an appointment as a new patient with Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus, MD, our medical director, this is what you can expect:

  • A two hour comprehension health evaluation and medical history that includes:

o   Past medical history

o   Social history

o   Review of Systems

Genetic history of your family

o   Triggers of your symptoms

o   What makes your symptoms better or worse

o   A thorough understanding of all your symptoms and what impact they have had on your life

o   Work history

o   Relationship history

o   Physical exam

  • After this initial intake, Dr. Bedinghaus will spend a few days, studying and researching for the best homeopathic remedy to begin your healing process.
  • You will return about one week after this initial visit to receive your homeopathic remedy and an extensive plan to investigate all aspects of your total body health that may include:

o   A thorough evaluation to assess your musculoskeletal system and a treatment plan from Dr. Joan Sloss, our medical massage therapist. We will contact your insurance company to find out if your plan covers this service.

o   A comprehensive digital EEG (electroencephalogram) to assess the optimal functioning of your brain. If we find areas of your brain that are not functioning optimally, we may recommend brain wave training (neurofeedback). Insurance will usually cover this service.

o   Metabolic testing to assess your biochemical individuality. Insurance will usually cover some of these fees.

o   Based on these tests, an individualized, customized vitamin, mineral, and other essential nutrients will be formulated by a high quality compounding pharmacy. These supplements will not be covered by your insurance. If you have an HSA, you may be able to use it to pay for these essential supplements.

o   Basic laboratory testing through LabCorp or Quest.

o   A detoxification (cleansing process) program to clear out any toxins that are in your body tissues. Insurance will not cover any supplements that we recommend.

  • Your first follow up visit will be about a month after we begin your healing process. Follow up appointments are extremely important. Healing takes time, and your patience and commitment to your own healing is essential to your success in gaining the greatest benefit from our programs.