The Neurofield System

At Healing Unleashed we are continually researching the latest healing modalities available today.  We are very pleased to announce that we have expanded our Brain Health Department to include “The Neurofield System.”

This dynamic system of neural therapy was developed in 2007 by Dr. Nicholas Dogris.  Over the last 10 years, Dr. Dogris has researched and expanded this revolutionary hardware and software platform.



The NeuroField System is like physical therapy for the brain utilizing new technology to rehabilitate a system that is deregulated.  It is truly amazing.

Included in this Neurofield System:

Q20 EEG (quantitative EEG) – to create brain maps

X3000 plus (pulsed electromagnetic stimulation)

tDCS/tACS/rRNS ( for stimulating the brain to re-balance)

Real Time Z-score Neurofeedback training

19 channel LORETA Neurofeedback Module


What sets Healing Unleashed apart from other clinics offering QEEG’s (brain mapping) and neurofeedback:


  • New patients are first seen by our medical director, Wanda J. Bedinghaus, MD for a thorough brain-body history and examination.
  • Appropriate lab tests are ordered to assess metabolic state and need for micronutrients
  • An elimination diet is recommended for all our new patients
  • Gut health is evaluated: Gut health and brain health are interconnected
  • We accepted most major insurance plans

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For more information call 303-986-0492 and schedule a free introductory phone consultation with Dr. Bedinghaus